Our Partners

We very much value the trust that our clients and customers imbue us with when manufacturing and repairing parts that are used every day in their aircraft.

We are fully registered with the Civil Aviation Authority and have received approvals for products and parts. We are also registered with Aerospace Defence Security (ADS) as a commitment towards the military aircraft industry. We have a wide range of scope capabilities and we believe in the proper reprocessing and recycling of our aircraft components. We also have a number of approvals from major civil and military aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and BAE Systems. We work with PartsBase who provide us with an easy-to-use platform for customers interested in ordering our parts. We partner with various companies worldwide including:

In addition to this we work very closely with several design organisations and have extremely proactive working relationships with them. These include:
  • > Intertech UK
  • > ABC Italy
  • > AES Global France
  • > CAE UK
  • > SR Technics

Quality Standards

We are committed to providing safe, reliable and quality components in all aspects of our products and services.

Not only do we have our own internal commitment to quality standards for every product that we manufacture, but we develop, design and manufacture all products to industry standards set by the likes of IAQC-OASIS and the AS9100.

We are also reactive to any changes in industrial standards to ensure that our products are up-to-date.

Our Approvals

Below is a list of our accreditors and a short description of the nature of their approval.

Civil Aviation Authority

EASA 21 Sub Part G EASA 145






EASA Part 145





ISO 9001 : 2015