Composite Panels

Wide range of capability on the manufacture of composite panels from small Composite support structures to large Bulkhead & Divider Panels

Sidewall Refurb

Strip, Repair and Recover of all interior panels undertaken on all types of aircraft using fabric or laminate materials.

Interior Refurb

Extensive capability available for all Interior Cabin Refurbishment Programmes whether laminated surfaces, painted of wood veneer effect finish. This combined with our extensive manufacturing capability provides a One Stop Shop solution for all Cabin Modernisation Programmes.


A wide variety of floor panels manufactured from honeycomb panels with various combination cores and skins. For all flooring needs please contact us.

Overhead Lockers & MODs/Refurb

Locker Refurbishment Programmes available for most aircraft types dependent on OEM Repair schemes.

Aircraft Insulation

All types of cabin aircraft insulation supplied including the very popular AEROQUILT insulation for Helicopter Aircraft offering space saving with high performance, thermally & acoustically.